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Stump Removal

About 35% of a tree is underground. The stump is the beginning of the unseen portion of the tree, the root system. The stump is where the trunk meets the root system, just above & just below the ground. Stumps can be dug out or ground out. Digging out stumps is very labor intensive & expensive for medium and large stumps.



Stumps are, with few exceptions, removed by machine in a process called stump grinding. The machine grinds the stump with a cutter wheel that has carbide‑tipped teeth mounted on the edge of the wheel, reducing the stump into mulch or wood chips. The larger the machine, the faster and deeper the stump can be ground.


The large stump grinder seen in the above video is a Vermeer 502. It has a 50 horse‑power diesel engine and can grind to 24 inches deep if necessary. However it weighs 2200 lbs and is towed by a full‑size pickup, limiting the stumps it has access to.


The small stump grinder seen here is the Rayco, a self propelled machine weighing only 500 lbs, small enough to go through a 33 inch wide gate and climb steps, making it suitable for hard to access stumps. However, its limitations include a smaller engine (25 horse‑power) and smaller cutter wheel. This increases grinding time and decreases grinding depth (6‑8 inches).

At Homestead Tree Service, we have large and small grinders to service your stump grinding needs.

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