Homestead Tree Service


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Pruning - lacing, thinning, crown reduction, crown restoration, hazard reduction.

Cabling - using cables to add additional support to weak branching structures.

Tree roping

Tree Removal - We can remove any tree anywhere by using modern equipment and arborist techniques to insure maximum protection of your property.

Stump Removal - We have large and small stump grinding machines for large and small areas and accesses.

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Root Pruning & Root Barriers - Sometimes necessary to avoid structural damage without removing the tree. In each case we follow modern arborist's quidelines to maximize tree health.

Tree climber

Air Excavation of Roots, etc. using the Air‑Spade. The Air‑Spade can locate, trace & excavate roots without damaging them and without damaging underground irrigation, electrical, and gas lines or sprinkler valves. It can dig in tight and hard to access places. It also does it in less time.

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