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Historic Trees


These are either historic trees or trees at historic sites.

Poway Sycamore


This California sycamore, Plantanus racemosa , is located in north Poway. It is located on what was the old Kent farm. Now it is surrounded by homes, but the tree was dedicated to the City of Poway. It is over 75 feet tall and speculated to be over 125 years old. This tree was successfully submitted as a National Champion big tree and now co‑hosts national recognition as the largest California sycamore.


Prior to the new subdivision, we went in and removed competing trees and gave it its first pruning ever. The crew, seen here, spent all day pruning this magnificent specimen. Seeing the crew perched in this huge four‑leader crotch gives the viewer an idea how large this tree is. The job was done July 2001.

Crew in Sycamore
Kate Sessions Tree



Tipuana tipu

This large specimen is located in Pacific Beach. Located on the historic site of one of Kate Session's nurseries, it is now cared for by the United States Navy.



The crew, to the right, poses next to the Historic marker located by the tree, after a long day pruning it's limbs.

Kate Sessions Crew
Morten Bay Fig


Ficus macrophylla

This magnificent individual was planted approximately 1885 in the garden of the Florence Hotel by Kate Sessions (famous horticulturalist). This hotel was the peak of elegance in old San Diego, where many famous people of the time attended formal balls and gatherings. The old hotel was torn down in 1948 and this tree was allowed to decline.

In 1965, a group of concerned citizens put pressure on the City of San Diego to water and restore it. This was done under the direction of Robert Studebaker. In 1971, the City designated it as an Historic landmark. It was allowed to decline again until the middle of 1995 when it was once again restored by the installation of a fence, an irrigation system, and mulching under the direction of Bill Nelson and pruning by Homestead Tree Service. It can be viewed today at the corner of 3rd & Grape St, uptown San Diego.


Ficus macrophylla

This morten bay fig was planted by Theodore Roosevelt during his presidency (1901‑1908). It is located on Donaldson Dr. in Pacific Beach and is maintained by the U.S.Navy. It has been pruned many times. Lastly by Homestead Tree Service crews in 2000. It took a full day to prune.

Teddy Roosevelt Ficust
Teddy Roosevelt Ficust perspective

Seeing these two children on the lower trunk gives some perspective as to the size of this tree.


Erythrina sykesii

This beautiful specimen is located at Heritage Park in Old Towne. We pruned it and installed a cable system in it in 1999 for the County of San Diego, Department of Parks & Recreation.

Heritage Park Coral Tree
California Peppers


Schinus molle

These lovely specimens are located at the old (& haunted) Whaley House in Old Towne. We pruned these in 2004 for the County of San Diego Dept. of Parks & Recreation.
(With no help from the graveyard shift)

California Peppers
California Peppers