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Cable equipment

Cabling is a means of providing additonal support within a tree. It is NOT sole support. A qualified arborist should always be chosen to determine if cabling is appropriate and what the limitations are. The arborist will also determine the type of cabling system, location of installation, and appropriate cable size. Once this is established, it becomes the task of the climber to install.

The climber (left) begins by drilling a hole all the way thru the trunk or leader. This hole will be 1/16 inch larger than the bolt that will go thru it. The eyebolt is drop‑forged. This means it is all one solid piece, not rolled. A drop‑forged eyebolt is significantly stronger and will not come apart like an eyebolt found at a hardware store.

Tree Cabling
After drilling the hole, the climber (left) inserts the drop‑forged eyebolt thru the hole. He then (right) installs an over‑sized washer and nut. The over‑sized washer keeps the eyebolt from pulling thru the hole when under tension.
Setting tree cables
Once the eyebolt is secured, he then installs a thimble (left). The purpose of the thimble is to keep the cable from having a sharp bend which would eventually lead to breaking. To the right, the climber threads the 7‑strand cable thru the eyebolt and around the thimble. He then separates the strands and individually wraps one strand at a time back on the cable itself. The strands are wrapped hand‑over‑hand until all strands are used.

Another cable, called HTS (high tension steel) may also be installed using tree‑grips. We use this also but it is not shown or discussed here.

Tree cabling
Tree cabling

The finished product is a strong cable with a secure grip. This process is continued on the other leaders until the cable system is installed. As the tree grows in diameter it will envelope the eyebolt, becoming stronger. The cable should be inspected every five years by a qualified arborist.

At Homestead Tree Service, we have the qualified people to evaluate and install your CABLING needs.

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